“The primary purpose of BBID is to maintain and enhance the social and physical environments within our area by providing top-up services above those that a local authority can provide”

EMERGENCY 24 HOUR NUMBER: 021 11 00 355

To become a member of BBID , please register.


Resolutions on an AGM can only be voted on by bona fide members of the BBID.  This membership is available free of charge to all property owners of commercial and industrial property within the footprint of the BBID. 

Please note:“Membership is open to all the property owners who are encouraged to apply for membership so that they exercise their rights to influence the business of the CID. Membership cannot be denied and the property owner is entitled to attend, participate and vote at the Company meetings held under the auspices of the Companies Act.

 Should a member be unable to attend they may give another individual their proxy to attend and vote on their behalf. Non-members may attend and participate but cannot vote and as such may thus have limited influence on the CID activities.”

To register, download the application form here for individuals or here for companies.  Complete the form, save it and upload it in the Database form in the Database tab or email it to manager@bbid.co.za.  If you are not able to attend the meeting in person, please download the proxy form and complete in order to appoint someone to attend on our behalf.

It is of importantant to have contact with all the stakeholders within the BBID area.  It does not matter whether you are a property owner or a business owner renting premises from your landlord, we need your input. 

The NPC board of directors:

  • Hennie Fritz – Chairman
  • Koos van der Merwe – Director
  • Abrie De Klerk – Secretary

BBID manager 

  • Cassie van Zyl 

Service Complaints

Do you have street street lights that are our, pot holes in your street, dumping and vagrant issues, etc?  You can now book any service request online on the City of Cape Town’s website.

Click here to submit your request

We need your help, support and ideas…

The sourrounds of Brackenfell Station is one of the areas that we would like to beautify and uplift.  Any suggestions? 

Visit the “contact us” tab and give us your input and ideas.

Water myth busting:



Day Zero/the water crisis is/was a myth

  • The potential for a Day Zero is and never was a myth. We conservatively projected it based on the actual rate of fall in dam levels. As irrigation and urban usage has reduced, so too has the rate of fall reduced and our Day Zero projection moved out. This was communicated transparently and honestly. The data on which these projections were made is independently available from the national Department of Water and Sanitation and is published in local newspapers.
  • The City would never jeopardise this city and its residents, businesses and economy unnecessarily by faking a Day Zero projection just as a scare tactic.  
  • The water crisis is real. Just have a look at our dams to get the correct picture.
  • The crisis puts the City’s water income into a deficit. We would not deliberately fail to sell water if we had more to sell, as that would provide more income than increasing tariffs.

Level 6 restrictions and tariffs are no longer needed because Day Zero has moved out.

  • We have to keep the restrictions in place. It is the low consumption that prevents us reaching Day Zero this year.

City is acting illegally with the installation of Water Management Devices for high water users

  • The Water By-law and a Council-approved directive empowers the City to install water management devices at the properties of high water users. It is a legal action which has also helped us to avert Day Zero. In terms of metering, these devices are SABS approved. They are installed across the city as every suburb has high users. High users receive a warning and a chance to correct behaviour, or to approach the City if there are many occupants on a property. Any action to prevent the legal installation of water management devices is illegal. The City will not tolerate actions that intimidate our officials, or contractors, or interfere with the execution of their legal duties.


Please visit www.capetown.gov/thinkwater for all water-related information, including Level 6B restrictions and FAQs about Day Zero as well as tips to lower usage even further.


Also visit www.capetown.gov.za/watermap to see if your household is painting the city green to avoid Day Zero.



 Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town

 Media enquiries: Alderman Ian Neilson, Executive Deputy Mayor, City of Cape Town, Tel: 021 400 1306 or Cell: 083 306 6730, Email: ian.neilson@capetown.gov.za (please always cc media@capetown.gov.za).

Below important downloads – control click to download


Above is the map wherein the BBID will be active. 

Click map to enlarge.


Cleaning up the area at:

  • the station area opposite Cashbuild
  • the dailyi cleaning of CBD
  • Beautiftying of corner at Brackenfell Shopping Centre


A Crime free city

Superb cleaning and maintenance

Additional security and police control

Streetscape environments

Capital improvements

CCTV cameras at hot spots


Begging keeps children out of school, encourage substance abuse and makes children vulnerable to exploitation, trafficking and abuse.

Begging offers children NO HOPE and no future.

The Western Cape has a comprehensive set of statutory and support services for children in need of care and protection.

 Read more… 


If you love Brackenfell as much as we do, you will want to get involved in helping us to make Brackenfell a better place to stay, work and play.

Attention Business Owners

Are your CCTV cameras up to standard?

During a recent meeting with SAPS it was emphasised again how important it is to have high quality CCTV cameras on your premises.  It is of no use having video material where you are not able to identify criminals or number plates.  Please make sure your CCTV cameras are in good working order and of the highest quality you can afford.

For a minimal fee you can advertise your business here